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Text for Page 096 [01-26-1859]

with generosity in books &c than in life, for
in the latter we see both sides of a question � know
the applicants flaws and vices which tell against
him.         Hillard and Jackson came up, too, this
evening.    Jackson, the sculptor I met at Haney�s �
has sculpted Hillard�s crack-brother � the �Six Months
in Italy one.      Told old stories, may be a good sculp-
tor, but didn�t seem much.    Said he had met the
Brownings in Florence, but couldn�t tell one much
about them.
  27.  Thursday.  Writing �Restaurants of New
York, Chaps 1 & 2 all day, till midnight.
  28.  Friday.  Through the drizzle and mist
lying low on the streets and Washington Square to
Bellew�s.   Read Chapters, talk apropos � cuts &
suggestions.   Back, work.  To Houston St, for Bob
Gun, not there, Arnold & Sears at whist � went to the
House of Lords, found only Wood � F. Leslie�s Wood.
Talk of Sol Eytinge, who won�t make so much now
he�s �off� Frank Leslie�s.     Hitchcock with whom he
works, is a spreeish fellow, goes on his �bursts� and
can knock up Sol in it.   And Sol is as bad as Ca-
hill, when temptation comes.      His intimacy with
Doesticks, too, will a little accelerate his proclivity,
for Mort knows too many people and drinks
with too many.   Both he and Cahill �swore off� some
time back � Cahill�s �on� again, I know.    Well, if
Sol don�t bring home the game, as beseems a warrior,               
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