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Text for Page 097 [01-28-1859]

his squaw will give him Candle, I know.   Dear
Allie � Margaret, they call her, now, � her �maiden�
name was Margaret Inskip � has, Wood is confident,
made a purse for herself.   Sol�s mother tries hard to
believe in her, but justifies the sisters in holding aloof
though Allie has tried, persistently, to do the gushingly-
affectionate sister to them, written sonnets &c after her
fashion.  (I recollect when she got married to Covill
� a perfectly illegal business, like her union with Sol,
for she is a divorced wife � divorced on the ground of
adultery � her writing poems to his sisters � talking of
her having, at length, found beings to sympathize with
and love and such rot.     This time she has poured
out her soul in the Home Journal �Over the Way� � Wood
says pretty verses � (don�t believe it!)    Josey lives next door
to Sol and has �no perceptible means of getting a liveli-
hood.�             O�Brien came in while I was talking
to Wood.  Didn�t volunteer or obtain greeting.
  29.  Saturday.  Drawing on wood.  Down town after
dinner, met Rawson Gill � says he�s going to study (?) mede-
cine.   To Constellation Office � Roberts gone � Omnibus do,
Sunday Times do, Pic, do.    Overhauling proof.  Got $6
from Bob Gun (and mean to get paid promptly or �The Res-
taurants of New York� will come to untimely conclusion.)
Poole, Bellew, Wood came.    At Crook and Duff�s sub-
sequently.   Bellew talking with a bearded man who
has a sulphuretted-hydrogen reputation � is said to
live on the prostitution of his sisters.   There�s a story cur-               
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