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Text for Page 100 [01-30-1859]

he sat talking to us, he was a sight to see. The
animation with which he plunged into details, the illus-
trations he extemporized with objects on the table, books,
pipes &c, the triumphant shyness of his demonstration
� all were unique in their way.   He wore a shabby greyish
coat and trousers and gaiters, as he almost invariably
does.     His head is one which might justify phrenologists
in pensioning him � such an illustration of their science.
Where ideality, veneration &c should be there is almost
a declivity, while the back part of the head is confoundedly
developed.  He is, really, the hardest sort of infidel I ever
met, I don�t think he believes or even wishes to believe
in anything higher than this present life.    Haney had
closed the windows, the stove was blazing full, we
were both smoking, and compelled by courtesy to re-
main, at least some time, to listen to the Col.   I 
looked out at the cool, sunny Sunday streets and
felt feverish and bored.      How he did talk!  Half
an hour gave me courage to escape.      When he came
out, I relieved my conscience by giving him a little silver.
His wife (?) and daughter are suffering the greatest
privations in London.      All these ex-patriots speak
ill of one another, attribute inordinate vanity and venal-
ity to their co-mates and fellows in exile.      This
man Forbes, is, no doubt, a brave and good soldier �
horribly out of place in the world.   He ought to be
fighting England�s battles in India, now, as ought
that donkey of a �Meejor.�  What a useless animal is               
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