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Text for Page 101 [01-30-1859]

your ex-military man in civil life!
Drawing.  Picton, Brittan and another up � Picton
just the same as ever, cigar in mouth, just a little drunk,
talking on in his queer, loquacious, egotistic amusing man-
ner, telling stories of himself and others. (What a deal
I am obliged to miss putting down for lack of leisure!)   To
Chapin�s at night � densely crowded. (I�d Boswellize that
man�s sermons but for afore-said reason.)   Then to Ed-
wards.    Haney and Cahill there.    Apropos of the latter,
when living with a man, you unconsciously get to look over
his deficiences, though you may know them � I suppose for
sociality.   Cahill�s shallowness is more apparent to me now
than when he lived here.
  31.  Monday.  Drawing awhile.  Down town.  To Constel-
lation Office, got no money; to �Omnibus� do � asked Picton
to Mataran�s where over two �Monogahela��s on his part,
ditto also on mine, he broached some three new projects
in the newspaper way, � each of them sure fortunes � rattled
over the names and peculiarities of the frequenters of
the place (I wanted them for my Restaurants) told
how he intended doing what in England we call �taking
the benefit of the act� to rid himself of his debts, said
that while he was cashier on the Artisan�s Bank he cashed
a note signed by O�Brien thinking it was Bellew�s � which
proceeding, somehow, involved immense cheek on O�B�s
part, who had only the day before been introduced to Pic-
ton � laughed, cut jokes, closed one eye, grimaced and
much more.     I left him taking a Third Monongahela               
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