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Text for Page 103 [02-03-1859]

hard at work and worried.
  4.  Friday.  Ditto.  Up in Frank Leslie�s office, had
a bit of a spar with old Powell; what a shifty, specious,
sly, treacherous old rogue it is!   At work drawing till
midnight.   Very tired and not well.   Roberts off to
Philadelphia.   Met Brightly, exasperate about the $50
owing him � says Roberts has nothing, even his furniture
being mortgaged or something of the sort, as he, Brightly, as-
certained by setting a lawyer to work.      If Brightly
don�t get his money there will be a sort of political justice
is a man named Roberts doing the same wrong to him
which, he, years ago, did to Roberts the engraver.
  O�Brien�s left the Saturday Press, which, he says, owed
him some $100 and more. Wilkins supersedes him and
does better.   The paper is horridly in debt, the milch-
cow having gone south.   So the hideous little�free-lover�
and Socialist (Clapp is both) has it h all his own
way � Aldrich having left, too.
  5.  Saturday.  Down town early.  Omnibus office,
Pic &c     Correcting proof.    Return, drawing till mid-
night.                                Mrs Gouverneur is here again,
having returned from the country, whither she flitted
for two days, with Miss Cooper.   Seems better and
don�t bore people so much � manifests her usual self-
ishness � not a bit the better morally for all the squares
of hell�s pavement she laid down of late.  Has turned
the old woman out of her room again and taken posses-
sion.  Marry! the old woman�s a toady and professes to be               
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