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Text for Page 104 [02-05-1859]

agreable to it.   Mrs Potter does the same in
hundreds of ways.  All soaping, soaping, soaping!
Mrs Patten and her husband are at Washington � lobby-
ing, log-rolling.          Mrs Moore (?) our recent boarder,
has left.   Place too slow for her � shouldn�t wonder.
A shallow, unpleasantly-pleasant female; half the
time away from the house.   Something in the Mrs
Levison way in features: a face such as unthinking
people call good-looking, but which others find more
disagreable than positive ugliness.  Natural, however
for the woman to leave � the place is slow, anyhow.
  6.  Sunday.  My �Yorkshire Tragedy� re-printed
in to-day�s Sunday Courier, from Dickens �House-
hold Words� � the first intimation I had of its accep-
tance.     I sent it to Charley, from Canada.   Doing
chores &c, then turned out, the sky beckoning a 
heavy snowstorm, which set in by noon and con-
tinued steadily till midnight.   Looked in at the Pic
and Constellation offices, finding engravers at work in
one and printers the other, then to Brooklyn.   Met
Smith of the Courier on the ferry-boat and took the
cars with him.   Out through the heavy snow to Poun-
den�s, Frank out � on New York � to visit his fa-
ther, who�s wife will pay his passage to Ireland,
but declares she won�t support him, here, any longer.
Frank was over negociating this, as I learnt from
Mrs P.     Pounden p�re says he �will disgrace the fa-
mily.�   Mrs P. junior declares that Frank borrowed               
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