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Text for Page 013 [11-10-1850]

              and learnt that Butler was off for Chagres, and thence to California.
Then to the Battery, ramble and talk neath the myriad stars, and
anon a walk up Broadway back, to score up events of last day or two,
and hear the clock strike twelve, and then to bed, as I soon will be.
Charley all day away with his Lotty, Waud abed in next room, and
I tired, and wearily prepared for Monday morning and the working day
world.   Oh to find a dear girl in my arms now, and feel her heart
beat with love for me. Ah Mary!
  11. Monday. Office. Mr Anderson still at Baltimore. Evening
making drawing for �Era� as near as I can call to mind at present.
  12. Tuesday. Office. Mr A back. Evening drawing a block.
Charley and Waud present. Up till 12.
  13. Left Charley at corner of Canal and Broadway, he
about to proceed to the consummation of his brother George�s marriage, and
after rushing to Fowlers Buildings, and leaving the block there, in the
hands of Butler to the Office.   Evening. Busy somehow, I recollect, not
what. Yes! Twas polishing, and blacking the stove in company
with Waud, till 11 or more. Ale intermittent.
  14. Thursday. Office. Call at �Era� at dinner time. Evening
at home. Charley and Waud. Splenetic and matagrabolized.
  15. Friday. Office.  Made call on Morse, more than once during
the week. Finally agreed to go there during the evening.  Left block
for Era before going to Office.  Evening to Nassau Street, and as 
agreed, opened the door with a wire picklock, and there sate working
till 12 in the great three house, deserted building, at Cyrography.
Waud come about 10, and we walked back together.
  16. Saturday. Working like a fiend all day.  Mr Andersons
anecdotes. Called at Era Office after dinner.  Tossing for brandy               
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