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Text for Page 105 [02-06-1859]

a $100 or so, to give his worthless father, just
before his departure for Hayti, which money has not
been paid yet.  Maybe.  She is not unintentionally
veracious, but her suspicions may mislead her.   All
the rest of the family � the Pounden�s � are Irish, with
respect to truth.      That is they tell you as much of
it as suits their own case.     Pounden p�re pigs some-
where near Broome St, living out anywhere, principally
at rum-holes.        Frank returned by 5, rather
tired and hungry � I was glad to see him.   Stayed
all night � things out of doors looking very arctic.
Haney over in Brooklyn, too, at Partons�.
  7.  Monday.   To New York with Frank, to Pic
and Omnibus offices, taking cut from the former to the
latter � I had got it engraved.  Picton there � chaff
and story-telling.  To Mataran�s.  Introduced to Chapin,
reporter � man whom I�d quizzed in Pic Restaurant
article.   Told him of it.     Correcting proof; round to
F. Leslie�s, to Post Office, hither and thither, very
busy till 2 then up-town.   Made drawing on wood
and finished long letter to Hannah at night.  To
bed about 2.                I�m very glad of my success
with �Household Words,� as it will bear fruit here.   Wat-
son of F. Leslie�s told me he had marked it out
for insertion in one of their papers, but shouldn�t use
it as the Courier had anticipated him.   Apropos of �House
hold Words,� I must put down something characteristic
of O�Brien, on the authority of Briggs of the Courier               
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