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Text for Page 106 [02-07-1859]

and Times, a very reliable one.    When
O�Brien came to this country he claimed the author-
ship of certain admired articles in Household
Words and other English publications, and got
some credit on the strength of the representation.  In
due time a volume was published comprising, among
its contents, the very articles claimed by O�B with
the true author�s name attached!
  8.  Tuesday.  Posting letter and papers; to Pic
Office, left block to be cut; to Omnibus do, to Cons-
tellation do, hither and thither.   Round to F. Leslie�s.
Story of mine in this weeks �Stars and Stripes.�  With
Bob Gun to the City hall, expecting to be present at
Bellew�s indictment for assault and battery.  The
affair happened thus.    Bellew owes a grocer�s bill 
of $10, and the tradesman put it into the hands
of Hendrickson & Co, to collect.   These people have
a wagon, painted in conspicuous colors, with un-
pleasant inscriptions, as �Pay your Debts!� &c
inscribed all over it, in which they made their dun-
ning visits, that the object may be conspicuous to all
the neighbors.    Well, one morning the man came
twice, leaving his van at the corner.  Bellew was
a late riser, as usual, and not visible.   Third
time man drives up to the door in van, is shown
up stairs.   Bellew tells him he won�t pay him �
that the creditor may sue for his money; further
advises the man not to come again, saying that if               
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