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Text for Page 108 [02-08-1859]

a line inviting me to call on her and him.
I had thought them in England.       A letter from
Alf Waud.   All well, �Mary� skating in common
with all Boston just now, Mrs Jewell expected on
a visit this day.                     Clapp victimized Ha-
ney only to the extent of $1.50.  His morals (!)
pecuniarily and socially are a counterpart with O�Brien�s,
but he has more shrewdness in his rascalities, not
the extravagant, grandiose swagger of the Irishman.
Talking of Irishman, there�s that old �blower�
Shelton MacKenzie, in a �London letter� written at
Philadelphia, to the Constellation,� vilifying and
lying about Thackeray in a thoroughly Celtic manner.
Reason; Thackeray�s Irish Sketchbook and Irishmen
in his novels; which Irishmen can not forgive.  And
when they hate they lie: they can�t be fair to an evening.
Some time ago MacKenzie put Doyle above florious 
John Leech (!) as an artist; attributing Punch�s
decadence to the Irishman�s retirement.  Bah!
Erin go Brag! Brag! Brag!   I wonder how many
Generations it takes to graft something like veracity,
and fair play into the Celt � whether it can be done,
after all!
  {9.  Wednesday.       Busied about �Omnibus� work
  10.  Thursday}       &c; some time wasted apropos
of Restaurant article, by that indecisive noodle Bob
Gun.  Bellew not showing at the police court the
case is indefinitely postposed.   Saw a good deal of               
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