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Text for Page 109 [02-10-1859]

Tom Picton.   Went to the Whitelaw address, saw
Mrs W., her husband out.     A wax-flower shop.
Mrs W makes the articles sold, seems to have attain-
ed skill in it, gives lessons to others.   Says that
Whitelaw has crossed the Atlantic twice �on business,�
she accompanying him once, probably subsequent to her
father�s death. (Man had money, I believe.)   They
have been in New York during the last twelvemonths,
had a stand with wax-flower work consumed in
the Crystal Palace, leaving losing some $2,000 by
it.     I�ve never met Whitelaw about town, possibly
because he prefers slums and side-streets to Broad-
way.            Called at Dixon�s, one evening.  Settled
to do an article on the Ledger & Bonner for the next
Scalpel, at my suggestion.   Looked in at Edward�s.
Lots of things I don�t remember.  Went to Bellew�s
on Thursday evening.
  11.  Friday. �Omnibus� office.   With Picton�s to
Crook and Duff�s for two hours or less, tapping 
him for items about Matarans &c.    Lots of people
one knows in and out.   Whiting, of Frank Leslie�s
paper bored us.   This fellow is notorious as a sponge
or �sucker,� and used to be caricatured as such, and
as a leech � with his head on � on the walls of the office
in Sol Eytinge�s time.     They say he ows his position
� he gets $15 or so, as advertisement-solicitor � to
winking at F.L�s adulterous intimacy with his
wife.     He looks capable of it.   A nauseous, staring-               
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