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Text for Page 110 [02-11-1859]

faced, round-eyed, shaven, saponaceous
man, ignorant and toadyish.    Seymour and
some Times� men in.    Clapp in, addressed me,
was so civil that I conclude he don�t believe in the
long continuance of his paper and wants to make
friends of the mammon of unrighteousness.   Expres-
sed regret at O�Brien�s behaviour, when I went up
in the office, vilified O�B � justly enough.       Pic-
ton drinking �Monongahela plain� and talking enough
for sixty.    To Mataran�s, where I left him in 
a fair way to get drunk.    Met Bellew.    Writing
all the evening and till 12 or 1.
  12.  Saturday.  Writing till 4, then down-town
with copy, to Pic Office.    Saw Bellew at Crook & Duggs
and others.    Returned up-town with Wood (�Paid Prior�.)
To Hitchings� in the evening; Oliver there, Jackson
the sculptor and a lawyer � jolly fellow.   Songs and
stories.     This lawyer had Henry William Herbert�s
wife for a client.    The woman, not herself unexcep-
tionable, flightyish &c, had a horror of her husband.
He had struck and sworn at her.  She told a wild
story of �the Cedars,� the house at Newark having secret
rooms and passages.       Oliver says the current rumor
as to the crime which compelled Herbert to leave Eng-
land was incest with a sister             Fellow was a bad
lot anyway.
  13.  Sunday.  Drawing till 3.   To Chapin�s in
the evening (took seat for a year subsequently) then to               
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