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Text for Page 111 [02-13-1859]

Edwards.    Sally who has been quite sick, up
and convalescing.   Cahill & Haney there.
  14.  Monday.  To Pic and Omnibus Office.  Hither and
thither. Down town again in the afternoon to correct proof.
Out in the evening with intent to hear Chapin lecture, but mis-
taking the building, went on, tried Whitelaw�s domicile.  No-
body within: returned and to Carlyle�s Friedrich 2.
  15.  Tuesday.  A dull rainy day.  In doors, four drawings
on wood, for Omnibus.  Thus passed my thirty-third birth-
  16.  Wednesday.  Down-town, to Omnibus & Pic offices.
The latter paper delayed a day beyond it�s usual publica-
tion, partly in consequence of Bellew�s attendance on the police-
court hindering him from doing the necessary drawings, partly
because Bob Gun has been drunk for a day or two. Symp-
toms of breakings up on the part of the paper.   Met Tom
Picton, with him to Pic Office.       Met Bellew and Wilbour
in Ross and Tousey�s.    They, as subsequently appeared con-
ferring about the coming extinction or otherwise of the paper.
At length Bellew has got tired of drawing for it without
getting any money, Gun is a donkey and gets drunk, and
the result will probably be a burst-up.   Both Wilbour
and Gun must have lost considerable money in it; how
much, the latter would be hard to tell, as he is unvera
cious on the subject.                   Looking accidentally at
the list of arrivals at the hotels, the other day, I saw
chronicled Fitz-james O�Brien, at the �Everett house!�
O�B is out of luck, I know, hence probably this Barry               
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