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Text for Page 114 [02-17-1859]

in the good, amiable, Christ like men�
(how the ugly countenance grew uglier with spite
and unbelief as he said the words) �like Greeley.�
With much other odious decendentalism of the same
sort.    He talked a good deal, getting occasional
half-general attention.  Gun with his broad, sensual,
Harry the 8th head, figure rather bloated of late,
was vacuous as usual. George Arnold�s intelligent,
even good-looking face showed the effects of liquor.
His intellect drifts to decendentalism, also.   The other
Arnold has just a coarse face � that�s all.   I ate
my chop, drank my ale and listened.   Anon came
in Haney and Cahill, from Edward�s probably.
Clapp gave Haney a burlesque French embrace �
unpleasant to look upon, anon going over to the
side table where he and Cahill sat at, to converse
with him.        Thus till midnight, then to room
and bed, quitting Haney & Cahill at the corner
of Broadway.
  18.  Friday.  Down town, hither & thither.  F. Les-
ie�s, Omnibus Office, Strong�s, Haneys, Pic &c.
Finally uptown with Gun.    A miry, raw day.  Gun
is out of health again, throat-affection as before.
A sort of easy-going, not-ill-natured fellow, with
so little vivacity that I wonder at his spreeing.  The
Broadway Pic office abandoned, met �boy� John conveying
off signboard and debris.    A notion of Bellews hiring
this office, didn�t pay, of course.  Gun says he has
used up all his money on the paper, that he expects               
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