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Text for Page 116 [02-18-1859]

to get $100 � a drifting, not to veracious mortal.
With him to Restaurant under Wood�s building � the
subject for next article.   Saw proprietor, got intelligence,
Gun left.             Found a note from my mother & Char-
ley awaiting my return to Bleecker � latter contain-
ing order for �3. 3. �the pecuniary results� of my
story in Household Words.  Round to Houston
Street at night, saw Gun, Arnold &c.      Writing
till midnight and up for an hour afterwards.
  19.  Saturday.   Charley�s yesterday�s letter
contains an intimation that Boutcher is contempla-
ting matrimony � girl named Melliship.       Writing
restaurant article, did it by diner.  Down town
per omnibus through the drizzle.  Wood, Poole and the 
others at the office awaiting the advent of Bellew with
money to pay them, Bob Gun having been kept at home by
sickness all day.  Printers went to work on my copy imme-
diately.  Went down to Omnibus Office, fellows gone.   I
forgot to put down that when going to the Pic Office while
passing that of the Tribune, at the very moment when
I was thinking of the man I met Whitelaw.   Almost
his first question was about the beauty of his wife�s wax-
flower making coupled with the information that he taught
it her. Anon he wanted to know whether I couldn�t get
notices in the paper about it, said she made $20 a day.
Told me he made no attempts at renewal of intimacy in
order to avoid letting the Jackson�s learn anything of his doings,
through my home-letters.  Now I certainly mentioned               
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