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Text for Page 119 [02-20-1859]

at Houston Street found Gun and a whole
lot of the fellows there.   Had three minutes alone
with him, told him my sentiments pretty tersely � Not
a line � mark of pencil or scratch of pen till I�m paid
up � and M.S. collared to-morrow.    To Bleecker
Street.   Note from Bellew at dinner, written under the
supposition that I had collared M. S.  Wanted to know
what�s up.   Sent word by Haney.            This afternoon
she that was Weighty Griffin, now Mrs Davis,
with her newly-wed husband called here.   I did�nt
see them.     They are at the St Nicholas.      What un-
happy feelings must be excited in the breasts of the
un-wed by the contemplation of a marriage of one
of their youthful sisterhood.   A man always ima-
gines he will taste connubial happiness in the fu-
ture, however far off it may seem at present:
but some women, poor, not attractive, yet hunger-
ing for love and sympathy must, in spite of the
whisperings of hope, know their lonely destiny too well.
The meek sort of acquiescence of some of these unfortunates
is terribly tragic.                     To Chapin�s at night.
A wild blusterous one, as I sit here, writing, the
fire has gone out for an hour or so.
  21.  Monday.  Down town, to Wiley�s, got money for
Household Words article.   To F. Leslie�s, got $8 for story.
To Omnibus, Constellation, Nic-nax, Pic & other offices, 
Gun not visible at latter, though prevalent, I missed him.
I must put down one incident, characteristically Irish.
I design reviewing Bonner & the Ledger in next quarter�s               
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