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Text for Page 120 [02-21-1859]

Scalpel, and am desirous to obtain the perusal
of certain of Cobb�s stories &c.   Hearing that the porter
of a printing office, in Ann St, had retained the whole
of the Ledger numbers I went there, twice, in order to
borrow them, paying for the loan.  This morning I suc-
ceeded in seeing the fellow, an Irishman, young, but
with the sharpest, meanest viciousest face I had ever be-
held.   I stated my object.  He had evidently, from my
previous inquiries, formed an idea that here was a great
chance! himself in possession of some treasure which
must be had at any price.   Wouldn�t lend, but modestly
demanded first $30, then $20 for the last two in-
bound volumes!  I tried three minutes argument in
spite of the man�s face, told him that I could purchase
what I wanted at the Ledger office, new, for about a
fourth of his demand but his avarice and stupid cun-
ning was unremovable: �I know what you are,� said
he, �you�re a literary man, will make $50 or $100
by what you�ll write about �em!�   I told him it was
rather a wild idea and went away half annoyed but
more amused by the incident.        Up town.   Was
phonographing in the evening when Bellew came up.
Wanted to know if I�d done drawings to article.
Not a pencil stroke.    Had talk � money was on hand
on Saturday � is to be paid to-morrow.  Went to work,
did two drawings on wood, Bellew doing the same,
going to Abbotts to get photographs & returning.  Gun
received $20 from Crook and Duff�s for my first
article � will do as much for the last � see the dishones-               
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