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Text for Page 121 [02-21-1859]

ty & unjustice of not paying me.
  There�s a strange man of decidedly plebeian
aspect and manners occupying the room next to mine,
the one Cahill had.   I had at first confounded
him with some friend of Mrs Gouverneurs, I believe
her brother-in-law, who remained here one night.  So
chancing to rally her a little, at supper (she sits
beside me) touching the presumed identity of this in-
dividual with the enamored West Pointer, she
was so stirred by �the idea� as to put her face to
mine (so close that her cheek and nose touched my
countenance) and inform me that the man is a 
sheriffs officer, put in the house on Mrs Potter�s,
or rather her landlord�s account.   Poor woman!
Here�s something that Cahill and similar �debtors�
had a hand in.  There�s always cruel wrong at
the back of such doings.
  22.  Tuesday.  Phonography &c till noon, then
down town, hither & thither, to tailor�s, Pic
office (got $6) to Omnibus, Constellation, Wells
& Webb�s, Nic-nax &c; return with pockets full
of papers, pencils &c.   A letter from my mother and
from Rosa.     My mother has been ill, is recovered
or nearly so.   My uncle William visited her during
her sickness, �looks older and care-worn.� �Eleven
children and wife always ill.�    Aunt Anna �obli-
gated to hide herself from� her villain of a husband;
he does nothing for the children, � poor, handsome
Aunt Annie, what a drop down from Golden Square               
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