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Text for Page 123 [02-24-1859]

Talk, punch, cigars, gambols, boxing (!)
(I had the gloves on with Cahill and got a �noser�
which drew the �claret�!)   Kept it up till 1 or so.
  Story of Richard Grant White, �Shakspeare�s
scholar� and editor.    He borrowed $1,800 of
Matilda Heron and wont pay her.   Not the first
Scoundrelism of that sort he has been guilty of.
  25.  Friday.  To New York, by 10 �, Haney
preceding me.  To Omnibus, Constellation, Pic
and Nicnax offices.   Roberts talked of Benjamin�s
approaching departure from the paper � said he had
furnished but two original editorials on it.   I got
no money from Roberts.  Up town, after meeting
Banks, and getting a lot of blocks, from Philadel-
phia.   Looked in at Rudd and Carleton�s.     A
snowy, soft day.   Drawing the rest of the day, till
midnight.                    We�ve had three men through the
house taking an inventory of the furniture, Mrs 
Potter accompanying them.    She was rather jolly than
otherwise, and seems to look forwards to her approach
ing break up with pleasurable anticipation.   She intends
rusticating during the summer, going to Providence,
to visit her dead uncle�s relatives whom she has never
seen, to Niagara, and probably, to Mrs Gourverneurs,
if that woman�s wits hold out.   The furniture is
to be sold off by auction.      One thing I notice, as to 
the unveracity of Mrs P and a large class of which she
is a representative.    When the current flam about               
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