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Text for Page 124 [02-25-1859]

the man in possession � or rather the flams, 
for Mrs P. had fibbed another story to the servants �
was blown, universally, folks talking it over at
the breakfast-table, Mrs P. didn�t seem at all abash-
ed at being detected in lying.   A hard word for it, per-
haps, but the true one.    Unveracity becomes a part of
many womens� nature; they never think it shameful
or wrong for a second, or suppose others can take that
view of it.   Men, too � plenty of �em, � but I think women
the worse in this matter.   Their position necessitates it.
  Man in possession, by the bye, wanted to be affec-
tionate to the chamber-maid, who is on the queer side
of homely, Heaven knows!  Had an equivocal female 
up to see him, too, who took off her bonnet and sat
on the bed, and was incontinently put to flight
by Mrs P. on the report of indignant chambermaid.
  26.  Saturday.  Through the snow to Blake-
man�s; paid him $10.   Working all day, drawing
on wood, till late at night.   Phonography.   Have
kept it up each day � intend (?) to continue so.
  27.  Sunday.  Chapin�s twice, morning and eve-
ning.   Going into Honey�s for some ale, in the morning,
the barman told me he�d seen Mr Cahill at Wash-
ington Street, Brooklyn, last night (Honey has a tavern
there) drunk. �He seemed to have lots of money, said
he was going on a spree &c � wouldn�t be persuaded
to leave it with me � sorry to see it! � when he gets
a going &c &c!�                 Phonography and some scrib-               
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