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Text for Page 015 [11-23-1850]

              is still staying.  Young Fred Anderson also called wishing me to work
at the Office on the morrow.		Evening entertaining Mapother, brandy
  24  Sunday. Long walk with Alf up to 35 street along the river
side, healthy, breezy, glorious morning, happiness and exhilaration.
Fire in stove for the first time on return.  Butler and his child
Joline came, and Mapother.  I at work, the rest imbibing.  In
the evening alone with Alf, (God bless him!) till Mr Greatbatch
and Fred came, and remained the evening.  And now �tis past
midnight, I have finished the drawing for Charley, who has
just returned from up-town and his lady-love, and is fumigating and
conversing with Alf.	   I have just scored up last week, omitting a
thousand and one things which I am unwilling to love, but have no jot
of time to put down.  A busy time is it, and a weary one.
  25. Monday. Work at the Office on the perspective. Charley called,
apropos of a printing job for Anderson. He out all day, almost.
Evening with Charley and Alf to Butlers. Butler, his wife, mother
and wife there; snug room with fireplace, not stove. Looking over
prints, imbibing brandy and water, fumigating, talking of books, of
nationality, of Englishmen, of Yankees and Patlanders. The latter much
vilified, spite of my antagonstic declamation. Natheless I exposed the cant 
and injustice of it.  Songs singing, and at about mignight we left.
Charley singing at, at most pitch of his voice
			�Marlbrook se vat-en guerre
				Mironton, mironton mirontaine�
Alf upsetting every tub and dust barrel on the side walks, and shout
ing.  Pulled down big tin sign nigh to domicile, then to bed
  26. Tuesday. Office all day and again at night till 10.  Charley               
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