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Text for Page 126 [02-28-1859]

with her stupid questions and half falsities
about lying awake all night, makes midnight raids
into the women�s rooms, insomuch that they bolt their
doors against her.

  1.  Tuesday.  Down town, twice, fore and after-
noon; hither and thither.      Selina Jewell called, with
news of her sister, Mrs Sexton having given birth to a
baby, and of her mother�s return fro Boston.   Apro-
pos of the former event, the jail-bird Sexton will find
himself a double parent on attainting his freedom, for
I believe the�Miss C. Wood of New York� professed preg-
nancy on his trial.  Phonography and drawing at night.
  2.  Wednesday. Drawing till noon then down-town.
Saw the sodden-faced Pounden p�re within a tavern
doorway, next street, looking out, not at the glad sun-
light and clear, cold morning.      Frank P. by the way
is on his way to Port au Prince again, the recent
�revolutionary� deposition of Soulouque necessitating his
presence, on behalf of the Ferris firm.           Omnibus,
Pic, Nic-nax and other offices.   Saw Bellew at the
latter; his trial comes off to-morrow.     Paragraph
in the Times about O�Brien�s being the successor to the
title of Lord Inchquin (!)      Phonography, reading, draw
ing.  Abed as usual past midnight.
  {3.  Thursay to      �Omnibus� work, thrusting
  9. Wednesday.}       everything into arrears, and               
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