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Text for Page 127 [03-09-1859]

keeping me hard at it generally till mid-
night or later.    Down town of mornings. Pica-
yune articles shelved for the present, opportunely
enough.  Gun has been on one of his dreary �drunks�
again.         They say Arnold�s going to the devil, a
trifle more rapidly than usual.  Walking away
from Edwards� one Sunday evening with Haney &
Cahill the latter was imparting half hints to the
former anent Arnold � some women business � Ar-
nold been out of town � come back � intending to join
her altogether � I know not what.    Wood told me
he had met Arnold subsequent to his (Arnold�s) being
drunk for a week.  So they drift.      Cahill�s no bet-
ter than of old.  One hears of him swaggering round
to F. Leslie�s, with Sol Eytinge, Hitchcock, Mc Lenan
&c, Sol being �on the fight� with evil intentions to-
wards Leslie.   That oleaginous person is prospering,
the Sickles murder having vastly increased the sale of
the paper.   He has his hands full of such now; pub-
lishing two illustrated newspapers (one German) the
Stars and Stripes (a Ledger imitation) the Con Bud-
get of Fun, and a monthly magazine.    Has had
a watch presented him apropos of his anti-Swill-
milk exertions, which he wears in the day-time
only, displaying such an amount of bullion as would
almost justify his garroting nocturnally, as I told
him.    Asked me why I didn�t bring in drawings.
Wood seems very busy at the office, as treasurer.  Sus-
pects old Powell of some pecuniary dishonesty apper-               
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