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Text for Page 129 [03-09-1859]

against him but Sol alway affected decenden-
talism in conversation, as indicating shrewdness.
The most odious person about Leslie�s Office is
Whiting, �Dr,� he calls himself; was once treasurer
at the Broadway theatre, gets $15 per week as a
solicitor of advertisements for Leslie.     It is universa-
lly believed about the office that he owes his position
to Leslie�s criminal intimacy with his wife or mistress
� for Wood�s disposed to question the former title.
This Whiting invites people to visit him, is believed
indeed to practice on indirect �panel game� on those
who are attracted by the womans beauty.  They say
she�s handsome.      Generally he is voted a regular
�sucker�; will linger half an hour to get a drink.
Some of this I�ve put down before.
  To Wednesday, the sixteenth, inclusive.   All
in arrears, again.    Have finished up�Omnibus�
work for the month, and reviewed the Ledger for
next number of the Scalpel.  Got $15 for it, from
Dixon.     Holmes wrote him a pretty letter of thanks
and sent him an �Autocrat,� in consequence of
my article.      For material for my recent one, I
after advertising in the Herald, discovered a small
boy who for a quarter dollar lent me the
Ledger numbers containing Cobb�s crack story,
the �Gunmaker of Mosco� every word of which trash
I read.        Dixon met Dana (whom he knows
very well) to�ther day.  �I�m going to have an               
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