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Text for Page 131 [03-16-1859]

the house in New York and they migrate
in April.    Jim doesn�t look at all well.   A
years absence from �home� subsequent to his com-
pletion of Jackson, especially if spent in a voyage
to England would give him a fresh lease of
life.     He has come back from the South with a
bad cold and looks wretchedly.   I suppose what
I�m going to write is very atrocious, a breach of
hospitality and all that, but down it must go.
  Well, I think Parton hasn�t much of a home.
The women, however good intentioned, knock him
about more than aught else � that is their notion of
fun and fondness.    Fanny, decidedly a robustuous
female, �cuts up� (in and American sense) alto-
gether too-extensively. �Jim Pox� is to be punched
and bitten, and sat upon, and slapped with
shoes pulled off for that purpose, and joked at, 
and made he subject of comic lies, and served
up in the d�____d Ledger �� everyway and any
way.   The girls, too, as is inevitable, take after
their mother, especially the younger.   Grace�s
natural maidenhood keeps her from the violent
demonstrations common both to her sister and mother;
I have seen her unconsciously taking instinctive
objections to their behavior.      Fanny, in talk
and conduct, is all ultra.   She will dress herself
in Jim�s clothes � I�m sorry Grace has been ini-
tiated into the nasty Yankee trick � will tumble               
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