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Text for Page 016 [11-26-1850]

              off for a ball.  Alf called in and we walked back together.
Talk of next May, and our proposed vagabondize.  Finished letter
for home.  Very unwell and low spirited.
  {27th Wednesday.     Each day, and night, save Thursday at the Office,
  28  Thursday     working like a fiend. Elevations finished, and
  29. Friday.}     big perspective commenced.  Very weary work, and
when I woke up at night from unrefreshing sleep my mind would be
dwelling on corinthian capitals and anticipating over sleeping myself in
the morning. During the evenings young Anderson kept me com
pany.           Tuesday, on coming in to tea was told that a �Mr
Barth� had called, and would again in a few minutes.  And so it
was      Five years gone, since in that glorious August evening I saw
the last of him, his face leaning over the sides of the Quebec, off
Gravesend.     Strangely has the space been passed by him; much he
talks of marchings and countermarchings; of Old Zach and Scott,
of the taking of Mexico, of slaughtering dagos, of bivouacking, of
lying on the cold wet earth with nought �twixt himself and God
but a blanket� and the like.   Divers stories did he tell and many
of them good.     How after the taking of Mexico, he, kenning but
little Spanish, would judge of words by their sounds, and in an instance
a comical result ensued.       Entering a barbers, having had the
operation of shaving scientifically performed, the operator refusing renume-
ration, Barth must needs invite him to imbibation, to the which
end they sallied out together.   Passing along the street bottles are
seen in a window; �  Barth intimates the same, and spite
of some depreciatory remarks, induces the Mambrino manipu-
lator to enter.   Glasses of anisetta are called for �
the bar-keeper (?) somewhat astonished, produces a liquid               
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