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Text for Page 137 [03-16-1859]

darker ages have bequeathed to it, is yet
so much nearer the kingdom of heaven than
this foul republic!         He resents  my calling it
a half-barbarism, by the way.   When no man
has deepened that conviction with more direct and
indirect testimony.    It�s quite natural that Haney
should have faith in it  being an American born,
but that Parton should sometimes talk of it as
though it were in a more hopeful way than his
own grand country, is only explainable by his
having got tainted with the accursed materialism
which runs through American life � inculcating
of all things admiration of material success.
  Old Shelton MacKenzie has written an article on
O�Brien, in the Constellation; just the sort of ar-
ticle one Irishman would write of another.   There�s
one lie in it, I know, that asserting th precedence
of Doesticks Witches of N.Y over O�B�s
fortune tellers.    All the rest I�ve heard before.  The
assumed baronetry has caused much mirth to those
who know the man.   It�s in accordance with his
principle of when desperately cornered to do some-
thing audacious. �When in doubt, play a trump.�
Not being known in Boston and anticipating
that a real live baronet might get the entree
to �society� � O�B�s constant aspiration � he has
trumped up this characteristic lie.   He started it
first in a letter to the Times, as I learnt               
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