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Text for Page 144 [03-16-1859]

look sober.     Can be malicious at times but
is normally good natured.    Talks descendental,
always.     Used to belong to the Bill-Porter and
�Spirit of the Times� lot and was one of Herbert�s
cronies      I believe Herbert borrowed money and books
from Tom; in a word swindled him every way.
Picton�s real name is Millin, as I�ve elsewhere
put down.    He has lived in Paris a good deal, 
says he fought at the barricades in one of the
revolutions.  (I guess that of 1830.)     He used
to dub himself the Chevalier Picton, had cards
with that title on, and wore a bit of ribbon in
his egat.   Popular report asserts him an English-
man, but he asserts New York as the place
of his nativity.        Indeed he does not impress
one as at all American, his Know Nothing-
isms seeming rather the result of primary af-
fectation than inherent.     I rather like Picton
altogether.   He is, really, a better fellow than
more pretentious men.     In this �cess-pool of litera-
ture� as Greeley once termed New York, the man
who is not absolutely flawed throughout is almost like-
able.   Picton, one of the men whom people describe as
�nobody�s evening but his own� appears to quieter ad-
vantage when your�e alone with him.  I fancy he
like thousands, scarcely ever takes stock of himself
� thinks where am I drifting to.     Britton (not his
real name) is a lawyer.   Why he started this               
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