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Text for Page 021 [09-01-1849]

  1. Saturday. To Appletons, then to Childs. For my last
month�s work I doubt if I get more than $12.	     Sick and
sad at heart, a walk round the East River to the Battery, and
there sat down on one of the benches, in God�s blessed sunlight,
and anticipated how far off the time might be when I come to
my last dollar.		Must it come to soldiering � two years
as a dragoon.	To live by the prostitution of one�s thews and
smews, even as a harlot does by her beauty.	     Ah me! its
very sad!	And for me, who have dear cause to strive and 
struggle on � well � che sera sera!	/	Evening
with George to New York. (The pork store now, one of the things
which have been.)	To Grand Street, a cigar store he had dis
covered in his mornings pereginations; kept by an Englishman, � a 
young fellow quite, and wife, a lively, piquant little woman, 
very much discontent with her adopted country.	George bought half
a hundred cigars, there.	Dropped in a Broadway book Auction.
  2. Sunday. A walk in the evening with George and Wing. In
at Lyndi�s garden.	Talk of George�s approaching departure.
  3. Monday. To New York with George and Joe, en search
for a Liverpool packet for the former.	Left them at Fulton
and with drawings under my arm went over again the old me-               
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