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Text for Page 146 [03-16-1859]

�Omnibus� Lord knows.   He and Picton came
together through an advertisement.   There�s a story
in it, Britton purchased of Madam Marguerittes,
Fosters� widow, written by him or her.    Alleyne, the
fellow who lives with Lotty is her brother.   Picton
knew both brother and sister.   The latter is a clever
woman from one point of view, attempted to come out in
opera in New York and fouled, as mixed up in 
the Forrest divorce case, wrote a book showing up all
the people in it, and now lives by her pen in Philadel-
phia.                     I have met Clarence Eytinge, at
Howells tavern, of late.  He is wrinkled, haggard,
and unpleasantly Jewish in aspect � looks at least six
years older.   Says his liver�s out of order, does �nothing�
and lives at home.           Bob Gun and the Houston St
fellows frequent Howells pretty regularly, now.   Meeting
Clapp there, who since O�Brien and he quarreled, has
n�t tried any of his airs on me!)  I set him talking
of North and here goes for particulars, which I
have little doubt are true enough.   North�s character
and wretched end make his career unusually interest-
ing, especially as affording such a contrast with his
own self-painted snob-hero portrait, �Dudley Mon-
del.�       Clapp met North first in London, at a
party where were Hannay, Coventry Patmore and others.
North came in late, had been compelled to take shelter
from a shower of rain in a coffee-shops, where he had
written some indifferent �poetry� which he read to the               
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