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Text for Page 153 [03-16-1859]

didn�t see him: was about with Alf Waud
a good deal.        Bellew got fined $5 for as-
saulting the Irishman.  He had been drinking with the
Judge over night!                              Now for an un-
pleasant entry.    Mort Thomson is going to marry
Grace Eldredge, Fanny Fern�s daughter � is wooing
her; that pretty innocent child-wife of his, not three
months dead yet!   I suspected the affair during
my last Oxford Street visits from his sitting up with
Grace after we had retired, with other little indica-
tions, but wouldn�t think of it otherwise than as a
remote possibility, to be recognized in decent time.
Now, however, it has become tavern talk.  Being at
Howells with Wood (F. Leslie�s Wood) Banks and ano-
ther, Wood broached the subject with some little com-
ment on the haste of the affair. (It appears Mort &
Grace have been seen promenading together in Broad-
way &c.   Everybody knows him, of his wife�s recent
death, and the comment naturally follows.)    Well
Banks began to defend Mort after an odious fashion.
Was he, a young man, in health and vigor to remain
in celibacy &c  x  x  wasn�t it better than going to 
Mercer St?  x  x   Of course I knew nothing about
the affair, whether probable or not before then.   But
at heart I felt disgusted with it.    Its her doing
� the mothers.    The girl is well enough disposed,
thinks Mort a kind fellow, no doubt, and, also, wants
to be married.    Her Brooklyn life has half-bred a               
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