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Text for Page 158 [03-16-1859]

like the latters� writings? why do Guinea savages
like putrid fish.                    The slap-dash vulgarity,
the coarse, passioned appeals to prejudices and un-
worthy feelings, the rowdy vindictiveness, the implied
indecency and the glaring egotism � there, with the
sprinkling of real talent, lie the attractions!
  Apropos of Mort�s wooing Grace, here�s an observation
I�ve got out of it: If a man have any inherent flaw
in him, events are always, in due time brought to
bear upon it.
  {Up to Monday       The Bradburys leave the house
  28 of March}       to-day, there having occurred a
row between Mrs B and Mrs P.   One commented un-
favorably on the eggs for breakfast, �tother � the boar-
ding-house woman � cackled about her to the �lady�-
boarders � Anna carried report to her mother � and
a jolly row ensued, with the above result.   Anna, by
the bye has been comporting herself after a stronger
fashion than usual; decoying the young Kings into
the bath-room (which is also a water closet) inducing
one of them to put his hand down her bosom (�way
down,� he said) and subsequently writing up demi-inde-
cencies about his �cock-a-doodle� on the window-panes.
A promising girl, truly!  She asked Leslie whether he
wouldn�t like to sleep with her!      The story goes that
her mother was a washerwoman.  Old Bradbury when
he wants anything at table nudges you and points
to it, addressing you as �Mister�!   indulging also in               
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