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Text for Page 159 [03-28-1859]

growling comments on the bad features presen-
ted by the cookery.   There�s scope enough, Heaven
knows.     I find Mrs P�s domestic policy may be
reckoned up, thus: first to affect ignorance of and sup-
rise at deficiencies or atrocities; second to promise re-
medy; third to tire the complainant ^|ont| by never affording
it.     She lies, of course, when necessary; cackles like
all boarding-house women; and altogether is in her
right station.     Observation, got out of her and others:
Whenever a woman is inherently low, uses phrases
such as �he done it� �we was� &c &c, when her
thoughts of others run in gutters, be sure that she
prides herself on her Gentility � is firmly convinced
that she is a Lady!         Every d____d woman in
the house, barring Mrs Church, had married Haney
to Mrs Levison before she�d been a widow for a week;
and Leslie tells me of similar cackle anent myself
and Mrs Church!  � Mrs Potter says she thinks
she�d have accepted you.� Of course! it would
have been a good chance in their eyes.  With money,
too.                       Why do I chronicle this rot?
Thunder!  I wish I had mastered Phonography to
put it down more rapidly.  Am sticking at the art
of condensation though.             Saw the vulturous-
looking Watson, then engraver t�other day.  Dressed
in black, thin as a man may be, bloodless � a 
strange figure.     He is working for the Harpers;
writing, says Banks for the paper.    Somehow that               
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