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Text for Page 160 [03-28-1859]

fellows villanies never seem to produce more than
occasional arrests.    Forgery, theft, swindling, breach
crimes.   Banks used to visit him over in Jersey, con-
siderably, two years ago, knew his wife, says that
she begged him out of prison once, that he killed her
child (I think by neglect or the like) and that, finally,
the woman found a paramour, whom he, Banks, cau-
tioned her of, being himself interested in her.   Of
course his statements must be taken with allowance,
but he has no reason for flaming, here.    Allie Ver-
non, Banks says, used Watson as a tool to allow her
husband to get a divorce from her ��sold� him com-
pletely.  He always assumed the injured party in spe-
aking of her while she painted him as a monster to
beguiled and begulled Sol.    In Watson�s odious talk
about the drab, he let out the secret � the only one �
of her attractions to him, as, perhaps to Sol � physical
sensuality.  Yet she is, as Wood once designated her,
a �mere bag of bones.�                      Manning, alias
Montgomery, alias O�Mana is in New York again,
stopping at the New York Hotel.   Particulars from
Banks.   Says he�s passing himself off as a man of
fortune on the look out for a wife � a young woman
with money or an old woman who will keep him as
man-mistress.    Is rather cut by the lady-boarders,
one happening to know him.   The villany he did
which necessitated his leaving New York was               
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