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Text for Page 162 [03-28-1859]

me awake during my first night aboard
ship in the London docks.            Story told to
me of old Powell, by Banks.   When the latter was
�editing� the Day Book, for Stimson (�he�s in
h__l, now!� added the narrator, parenthetically)
Stimson one day brought in a shameful attack on
old Wallack, in Powell�s handwriting, eulogizing it
as a d____d good thing, and proposing printing it.
Banks knew the fine Roman hand and retained the
article, till one day, old Powell came up, when using 
a little subterfuge to get his acknowledgment of the
authorship, Banks let out at him, blew him up
sky-high and declared he�d print it with the name of
the writer at the bottom. �Oh no�o�o!� cries old
Powell in horrible alarm.   He was glad to get Banks
to tear it up, and now, Banks regrets not having
carried out a threat which only occurred to him on
the heat of the moment.                I put a bit of
chaff in my �Restaurant� article last week, which
anent Powell�s trick of attributing fossil jokes to John
Brougham, which has exercised the old rogue considera-
bly.    Editor Watson laid the paper on his desk,
having marked with a blue pencil the passage in ques-
tion, Frank Wood drew a hand on it for the same
purpose.   When Powell appeared he at first told
Watson he didn�t see how it applied to him (Watson)!
presently denouncing me as �Judas� and a son of
she-dog &c and declaring that I should never forgive               
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