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Text for Page 164 [03-28-1859]

  Mrs Gouverneur, after progressing from
worse to worse in her peculiar malady, till the
thing became almost insufferable to others, has
gone on a voyage to Charleston, taking with her
Miss Cooper and Gladdy.  She was recommended
to go to Florida by one of her three or four doctors,
and characteristically preferred half measures.  Wan-
ted to back out, too, � only went because she had paid
her money.    Planned taking a �lady� of equivocal
character, at whose house she spent two night.
�When they are short of money, they get a gentleman
to come there!� said Gladdy, to me, of the propriet-
resses.    He and Miss C. objected to going to S. C.
in such company.   Mrs Gouverneur didn�t care about
having either of them in particular, but could get no
others.   She wanted �a gentleman.�   Asked me to
go; offered to pay my passage &c!   It would be
a pleasant holiday, she should think.      I told her
her son Rawson was the proper person.   He didn�t want
to go and she wanted still less to have him.    A
jolly time Miss C. and the nurse � they got a nurse
for her � will have of it!                 We have two new
boarders, a mother and daughter, the latter
rather a prettyish girl.  Name, Fisher.    Mrs Pot
has dropped the idea of taking a holiday, is looking
out for a house.                       I had a pleasant
Sunday mornings Hobokenizing with Hitchings,
the elder Hillard and another a week ago.     They               
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