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Text for Page 019 [12-04-1850]

              her; that Jenny Lind was a mistake,
		with more of horrible and awful
	which listening too indeed proved awful.
Finally when Charley was called to the other end of the shop, she arose,
and with a sort of girlish skip, � (she was over thirty at the mildest) examined
a rope and pulley, and then went off humming an air, perfectly convinced
she had greatly distinguished herself.	  Return to dinner, and during
the remainder of the dismal day indoors.  Sleeping and reading in the afternoon,
and reading �As you like it� aloud to Waud in the evening; he doing the 
same when I waxed hoarse.
  5. Thursday.  In-doors all day, save for a dock walk with Waud at 
the foot of Canal Street. Raw misty atmosphere of rain, muddy pebble
stones, oyster carts, piles of wood of most picturesque color and shapes, docks,
piers, steamers, vessels of all sorts and sizes, Hoboken shore hidden by the
mist which hung a ghostly shroud over the distant vessels, slow drizzle falling 
constant and clammy.       Slept the better part of the Afternoon.  Young
Pelham Anderson called � repeating that but to-day will the perspective reach
Washington, and that the �old man� reporteth auguries-favourable.
  6. Friday.  Rain incessant, and the day passed drearily.  A rush
down town calling in at the Office, and from thence to Corbyn, (who spake
ruefully of Baudoin charging high prices) to Fowler, of Holden�s Mag, thence
to Day-book Foster, thence to Butler and Brown�s, thence, through pouring
rain to Dean�s in Chatham Street, where I learnt that Horace Greely had inserted
the �journey man gold beater��s letter, thence to Canal, and the rest of the
day in-doors. Both of the boy Andersons called in the morning, each to meet 
tother.  Finished letters for Rosa and Naomi.
  7. Saturday.  Straining sheets of paper, when Pelham Anderson came, with
summons from his father, just arrived from Washington. Returned with him               
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