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Text for Page 165 [03-28-1859]

all have to flit to another residence by
the first of May, and talk of Brooklyn.
  To the End of the Month, and the fifth of
April, inclusive.   Have been occupied, principally,
by Omnibus work, and very busy, only now achieving
leisure to score up matters.   Have written to my
mother and to Hannah and kept to Phonography
pretty regularly.         Parton and family have got
over to New York; I have not yet visited them.  Met
Mort some days ago in Broadway, he soon about to
start for Detroit to report a great billiard match. A
very kindly fellow with much growing self-assertion
naturally induced by success.    His temperament un-
fits him for the heroically dull work of following his
daily routine with wounded affections and a bleeding
memory, when one excitement fails him he must
fly off to another.     Well: he may be half right!
The world has enough of sorrow in it without nursing
it.   But it seems cruel to be forgetting that pretty
simple face so soon.    To be sure she was not
clever � could even believe in Allie Vernon, from
whom shrewder women would shrink instinctively � but
then her innocence, prettiness and affection deserved
longer widowhood.     Mort was coddled by both her
and his mother; they thought him the finest fellow in
the world.       I have observed, in life, much of this
� never any case of mutual ardor.  Either the man
or woman enshrines the other in the inmost heart and               
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