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Text for Page 168 [04-05-1859]

since I did it in my Restaurant series.
Banks� epidemical hero-worship has now elevated
Clapp to the place of honor in A. F�s ill-balanced
mind!    Clapp goes to call on Banks at his Wall
Street office and on one of the latter�s fellow clerks
commenting on the ugly and sinister appearance of
the little man, Banks blazes into Euphinistic wrath,
telling the ribald clerk that that man, Sir, possesses
more talent in his little finger than  he and
his preceding seventeen generations � if he has seven-
teen generations, which A. F. doubts!    Furthermore,
Banks eulogizes Clapp�s villainous egotism for the
profoundest thought &c after the old, delightful
fashion.   I find something exquisitely appropriate
in this conjunction.  Clapp in his heart must have
the hardest contempt for Banks: the latter is the hones-
ter of the two.   It�s immensely funny.         Symptoms
of �caving in� again on the part of the wretched Pica-
yune.      Bellew is so well employed, principally by
the Harpers, that he don�t do any drawings; where-
fore they use old cuts and transfers.    No original
matter in the paper � all stealings.     Met Wilbour
who spoke of affairs to me; said in case of Gun�s 
dropping it, he thought of continuing, relying on me
for drawings.        The paper don�t deserve to live,
Bob Gun drifting, as usual � hard up, but spends
money at taverns, as usual.    I met Cahill, one
night, at Howells; being rather drunk he magnami-               
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