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Text for Page 169 [04-05-1859]

mously paid me 25 cents, borrowed to get a
breakfast, ten months ago.        Encountered in the
street a Mr C. W. Warren, with whom I once
boarded on Leonard Street.     He was then superinten-
ding a lady�s musical education, which lady occu-
pied the attic next to mine and used to practice
vocalization of mornings.    Warren designed taking
her to Italy with the intention of making her an
�American Jenny Lind.�     He has effected the former
enterprise, also marrying her.  She is now studying
music, in Paris, he printing and Stereotyping music
in New York.     I recollect her voice as a fine one.
  Stone, ex-picturesque Anachonism, has been in
this city.  I have not seen him.   In a letter I had
from Alf Waud some months ago he mentioned the
only good thing of Stone�s getting off I ever heard 
of.   It was to the effect that every fresh occurrence
in his life confirmed him in the opinion that his parents
had committed in a lamentable mistake in not letting
him die of the measles or save such infantile malady.
Frank Wood and Banks talking at Howell�s, one
night, of Frank Leslie�s being �after� some married
woman, whom Seymour is cicisbeo to � ugly woman
too.)  Women are F.L.�s �peculiar weakness.�)        In
this Bleecker St, close to Broadway, there is now a
small cellar-restaurant and oyster saloon, outside
of which divers placards invite the visits of the public
to witness �Dexter�s Dancing Hats� &c.  I have been               
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