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Text for Page 170 [04-05-1859]

down some three or four times, the first
with Haney, and the thing is equally amusing and
marvellous.   A man with a rather good-looking
intelligent face, evidently a down-east Yankee, plays
on an accordion, to the lively music of which, hats
sometimes singly, sometimes by fives and sixes, os-
cillate about on the sawdust-covered floor.   He
also causes them to �dance� at the direction of a visitor�s
stick, pointing alternately or irregularly at the hats.
Sometimes they oscillate being placed on the top of each
other.   Furthermore at a given signal, the removal
of a man�s hat from his head or the scratching of the
latter, he obliges a hat to fall from the counter to
the floor.     Moreover he makes a table �dance,� even
with a corpulent man sitting upon it, produces sounds
from a violin, placed in an otherwise empty box, on
the floor, with more tricks of similar sort.   How
they are performed no one can detect.    He talks
a good deal of intentional nonsense about �getting
a bite out of the hats,� �odic force� electrical affinities
and �the peppergram (!) being in full force &c� &
indeed does his fooling admirably.    An honest
rogue, altogether!      What these lying and preten-
tous mediums assume high spiritual airs of mysti-
cism on, is here done as an accompaniment to six-
penny mugs of lager and shilling stews.    By the
appearance of the place I should judge its land-
lord hadn�t money enough to pay for a monts rent               
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