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Text for Page 171 [04-05-1859]

when he took it.   I like the shrewd Yankee
starting on motherwit for his capital.        Took
Hitchings & that fearfully slow Bostonian whom Damo
rean gave a letter to, introducing him to me, down
there.  And on another night, at his request, Wel-
den whom I encountered at Branch�s absurd �Black-
well�s Island Entertainment.�     Met Nagle the book-
seller, also.     Happening to enquire after a chum of his,
Briggs, a member of Woods� company of �minstrels,�
(whom I remember to have heard play the banjo and
sing at Nagle�s & his lodgings)   I learnt that he died
in California two years ago.
  6.  Wednesday.  In doors, writing, phonography,
chores.    Wrote to Mary Anne, Dillon and Heylyn.
Cahill up in Haney�s room at night.
  7.  Thursday.  Down town in the morning.  In doors
for the rest of the day.  Phonography in the evening.
  8.  Friday.  Down town, hither and thither.
By 10 or so in the evening round to Howell�s with Dr
Norval, one of Leslie�s acquaintances.    Bob Gun, Ar-
nold, Sears, John Wood there and the inevitable Banks.
  9.  Saturday.  Down town, morning and afternoon.
Evening, by 10 1/2, to Howell�s with Leslie.   Tracy there,
Banks and a chum of his.     Introduced Banks and
Leslie, and they got talking together, Banks erratic, as
usual.     I had met him in the afternoon and set him to               
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