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Text for Page 172 [04-09-1859]

visiting the hat-dancing performances.   Of
course he discovered a prodigious mar�s nest, shifting
the wonder from the man Dexter to a person among
the spectators whom he declared a most remarkable
individual, probably a Russian (!) capable of speaking 
six languages &c &c.     Then Banks mounted the
Slavanic hobby, asserted than in ten or twenty years
there would be but two nations, Russia and the U.
S. existing in the world.   Then he talked �Free
Love� rather coarsely.  (I suppose he got this Phallic
itch from Clapp.)     Leslie�s face, listening to Banks,
was funny to contemplate.   He disputed loudly,
dictatorially, dissented logmatically, but Banks out-
talked him.         Came away and had some oysters
at another place with Leslie.
  10.  Sunday.     There�s been a jolly row about
my Scalpel review of the Ledger at Fanny�s.  Got
all the particulars from Haney.     Bonner was up at
the house last night, and he and Fanny as exas-
perated to the last degree � she because there�s not
a word of mention of her in it, he on general grounds.
Almost a battle royal occurred, Haney venturing
all that was prudent in championship of my ar-
ticle.    They couldn�t understand that it was not
based on some personal motives and Bonner at-
tributed my testimony as to his liberality and en-
terprize to intent to curry favor with him!    I
was to be smashed, mined &c &c ��if it were worth               
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