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Text for Page 174 [04-10-1859]

while!�         For Fanny, she outdid her patron
in anger, all her latent �envy hatred and all un-
charitableness� blazing out in lurid splendor.    If
I came to the house she wouldn�t see me ��
  All right!   I�m well content it should end so,
and don�t repent what I�ve done, one jot.   It�s all
true, and right, and honest and needed telling.  And
�tis no small triumph that I who earn less money
� make it, rather � in a year than Bonner in a 
week, that I, sitting writing in my attic, can raise
this tempest in a tea-pot.     He is exasperate at what
he considers my presumption.   The idea of a fellow �
�this Gunn� � who draws caricatures, scribbles promis-
cuously � isn�t anybody in fact! � daring to reckon up
the Ledger � the N. Y. Ledger with a circulation
of 400,000 weekly! of his telling me! Robert Bon-
ner, that I deal in trash.   Proving it, too! Giving
his reasons!    The man would crucify me if he could,
I dare say.      The Century has reprinted much of
my article � all the unfavorable part, which of
course adds to Bonner�s delight.     Now if I felt
a speck of consciousness of any personal feeling in the
affair, I should be sorry, and ashamed, as
it is I am right glad, thoroughly satisfied.    For
Bonner I�ve no ill will or resentment: should like
to have an opportunity to do him some bit of honest
service by way of undeceiving him.   For Fanny, if
I were the man she supposes me, what a punish-               
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