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Text for Page 020 [12-07-1850]

              to the Office through the driving rain.  More to do, so set about it. Mr
A exhilarant and confidant respecting the result. Talk of the Presidant Fill-
more, of North and South &c.  At nightfall, after two whiskey punches
at Sherwoods with the boys and Macnamara, (who this day hath received an
addition to his family, and in whose honor the event occured;)  a rush over
to the Era Office, where I found Picton smoking and printers working re-
turned by 8 to Canal, over enow.
  8. Sunday.  Rain ended and a clear, glorious frosty morning, so off
out, and through the glad, quiet cheerful streets to the old Jersey
ferry.  Crossed, and tremendous wind blowing, the wild-waves leaping
most exultingly, clouds hurrying to and fro, here and there a patch
of blue sky.  Called at the American Hotel, Mapother not there,
went on to York Street, saw John and Ben Haun.  With Ben to
the barbers shop, and anon to his liquor store.  Heard that printer John
Rankin had returned home, ill, having gone to the play with a bottle of
vitriol in pocket (?), had burnt himself.      Hughie Muir has married.
Drank with Ben, then made a call at Hughie�s late boarding place
where I saw a damsel with a pretty foot, who informed me, standing
in the gusty, sunny door way, of Hughie�s address, receiving most co-
quetishly my compliments, and exposing white cotton stocking and satin vest,
meanwhile.   Back to New York and dinner.   Mapother and Barth
called, and Brown came in anon.    Barth wet through in his progress
from Governor�s Island.   Inbibition and fumigation.  Talk of Ireland and
difference of creed, and race, of military tactics and republicanism.
Mapother left, and Brown ditto.  Toss with Barth whether he should
sup with us or we with him, result we go out, partake of oyster
stew with him, and anon a walk down Broadway, the dull clear
night air, pinnacled with stars innumerable over head.  Arriving at               
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