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Text for Page 176 [04-10-1859]

son � and Jim left to the tender mercies
of that terrible woman and her youngest brat, who
promises to be dreadfully like her � God help him!
  Another good comes out of this.  Relieved of my
anomalous position I can put her down in this Dia-
rizing, as she really is.  All the time I have been
itching to do such a study thoroughly, yet asham-
ed of what I have got down, thinking it half vil-
lanous to �reckon up� one whose hospitality you are
receiving.     However neither myself or Haney would
ever have gone to the house but for Jim � indeed
both of us seperately, unknown to one another, declined
being introduced to her before that unluckly marriage.
I remember an evening with him, when I, over some
lager, pitched into her anent �Ruth Hall� � just before
the marriage too.       Now, by her own act, I�m
free of obligation, to add her complete picture to my
private portrait gallery, and �Fanny Fern� is altogether
too much of a type of woman of her own detestable sort
to be omitted.   Of course I�d never dream of any
other retaliation.           Here�s an item to begin with.
When indulging in ebullitions of her infernal temper
she swears � could out curse Andrew Jackson.   I
had suspected this from introduction and a very rarely-
dropt word or so.    Saying to Haney that did I 
review her I could produce an oath of more from
her, he laughed, as surprised, and asked how did
I know she swore.   I told him by induction.   Then               
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