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Text for Page 178 [04-12-1859]

will live.        Hither and thither.   Bob Gun
in the Pic Office, at his usual amusement, directing
wrappers.   No money from him, of course.   Up town.
A letter from Hannah awaiting me, intimating that
Mrs Neff, little Gazey�s sister, had arrived, was at
39th street, with the home parcel for me.   Went there
at night � cars up to the 28th, miry walk the rest.  She
was at the house of a Mr Edwards, a Banbury-born
butcher � his private house.     A homely, well spoken
woman, not unlike her brother in the face, his junior
by some years.   She came to this country a score of
years ago, a first husband having failed in business;
is now married to an American, and like him is a 
Mormon.   They dwelt in Salt Lake some ten years
more or less, and are going to return to it, having
land there.   He will join her here in New York,
from Iowa.   They have sons and daughters, married.
She went to England to secure property accruing to her
from the death of her              , and this later voyage
is her sixth time of crossing the Atlantic.   Much
talk about the Chacombe folks, and the Boltons.
Some about the Mormons.  She spake sensibly
about them, moderately, said they were, generally,
good, industrious, hospitable people, and much unjust
prejudice and lying unfairly directed against them.
Very self-possessed the woman was, decent-looking, 
friendly and sociable.    My Hannah had slept
with her and inquired much about the �Latter-day               
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