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Text for Page 179 [04-12-1859]

Saints.�    She had told her (Hannah) more
about them than anybody else in England.    My
dear, grave Hannah!         Mary was plump, as of
yore, John�s health subject to fluctuations, their
father still addicted to �hurrying up� those who accom-
panied him to market, his meals, or lie-a-beds � of
whom there are few in his house.     He told Mrs Neff
on her arrival at Chacombe, on a visit that �he didn�t
think much of these long visits!�  Also he had an attack
of rheumatism and make a great row about it as usual.
John has an offer of a Warwickshire farm which he
may accept.    The baby Gazey is generally idolized,
but grandfather Michael won�t trust himself to
dandle it.        Mrs Neff had seen my brother Charley
at Neithrop, but did not visit London.      Stayed
till 10 1/2, then returned, per cars, to Bleecker, with
box and other presents, sundry for George Bolton,
from the Neithrop folks.    For me, such a pair of slippers
worked by the loving fingers of my dear girl � my
monogram worked upon them.   A big bag which at
first I took for a gigantic smoking cap of the Turkish
order � also of Hannah�s workwomanship.  Gloves
from Charlotte.        From home socks, handkerchiefs,
and photographs, of Charley�s taking, of himself, my
father and mother.    The second made my heart ache.
He looks ill, and so miserable.   Poor father ��
Rosa�s daguerreotype, of smaller size, is sent, I think
by Naomi.         God bless all their kind hearts.   George�s               
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