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Text for Page 180 [04-12-1859]

presents are no such loving knick-knackeries.
Sundry shears, a knife, a book on farriery &c.
  13.  Wednesay.  Writing, phonography &c in the
forenoon.   Letters to George Bolton & Dillon.  Down
town in the afternoon, to Century & Post Offices.  Return-
ing met Banks & Wild, severally.    Writing.   Out at
night with Leslie.     He has been temporarily thrown out
of employment of evenings, by Miss Fisher and her mothers
leaving the house for the country.   The girl was not un-
pleasant looking, had nice hair, but also a flat chest �
being �delicate� id est consumptive and subject to bleed-
ing at the lungs.         With her Leslie philandered after his
clumsy style, commencing by sitting in the parlor, of nights
and becoming unnaturally interested in old Mrs Cooper�s
cackle � when the girl was present.      They then got to
whist, with Mrs Pot and Miss Pierson.  The susceptible
Scotchman had advanced as far as jocularity proposing
a visit to the theatre (with the girl � omitting her mam-
ma for confidential or economic reasons, or both) when
they left.    Leslie�s the biggest boy I know in affairs
of this sort.   All afire after a petticoat at first, then
subject to an ague-fit of backing-out and dread of having
committed himself, when he flounders in the absurdest
manner.   Withal he believes himself to be very much
of a favorite with �the ladies� � perhaps is so.    He half-
reckons on his money affording him this species of enter-
tainment, and it does � with one sort of girls.   But
to mark how thoroughly and ingrainedly selfish the               
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