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Text for Page 182 [04-13-1859]

other day.   The little girl looked well, smiled
and wore curls, nor her wont.
  14.  Thursday.  A disgustingly wet day, wind
blowing down stove pipe and grate filling room with the
odor of sulphur and sometimes covering paper, table &
writer with dust.   Writing letter to Hannah, and mis-
cellaneous chores.                Mrs Gouverneur having, with
her tail of attendants, returned from Savannah in appar-
ently perfect health, after staying in this house for a
few days, set off on Tuesday afternoon for Cold Spring,
her residence, taking with her, Gladdy and the old woman,
Mrs Cooper.    The daughter of the latter, Lucia, wouldn�t
go, having been pretty nearly used up by Mrs G. on the
sea-voyage.    Well, when the party had got safely housed 
after their fifty miles of railroad journey and nine
of carriage � brought by brother-in-law � what does our
widow do next morning?     Discovers that she can�t
exist without Lucia.  So the whole party, increased
by little minx May, all bowl back to the city and Ble-
ecker Street again.   And here she is, rampant as
ever!     The poor old woman, nearly eighty, got a bad
cold, and is nearly dead beat.               I find that the
two persons who are most influential in this house are
firstly Mrs Gouverneur, secondly Leslie.  Mrs Pot
knows the first thoroughly, has had experience of her
falsity, flightiness, meanness and infernal selfishness
YET she knows the woman has money and ���
It�s the same all round.   Miss Cooper complains of               
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